Track Visitors

UnoTrace Allows you to track your Visitors. It prompts them to scan the QR and fill in their contact details that will be captured and stored for future references to enter the school premises.

Exit Scan

At Exit Areas, The security gets ready by scanning the QR assigned to the Exit gate/s. He/She then scans each student using the App from their mobile to log their exit into the school campus. This is logged into the database and is available to view for the school admin and the parents. The private transport availing Student’s Parents will be notified and can proceed to pick their child in a disciplined manner to the pickup point.

Notification To Parents

The School Transport availed Students are scanned in by the attendee before entering the bus. A Notification is sent to the parents of their child onboarding the bus. Parents can live track their children and time to destination. The Bus attendee will scan out each child as they off-board the bus. All scans are captured and logged into the system for School Authorities to monitor.