Scan QR Code of Bus

The Routine starts with the Bus Driver & Attender scanning the QR Code of the BUS to log in their entry using the app on their Mobile Devices. They then set out to pick the students to school.

Students at Bus Stop

In each Stop, the Attender scans the QR Code of each student as they board the school bus. The Scan is updated as entry log into the Apps of Attender, Driver, School & Parent.

Students when exiting Bus

On Reaching School the Students are scanned out by the Attender before entering the school gate. The App will only exit the Attender & Driver if all the students have left the bus.

Scan Students at Gate

Before entering the school campus, The security gets ready by scanning the QR assigned to the entry gate/s. He/She then scans each student using the App from their mobile to log their entry into the school campus. This is logged into the database and is available to view for the school admin and the parents.