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“Growing your business using Unomero starts with a Request for Demo.” Our representative will get in touch with you to schedule the Demo.

Onboarding UnoMero is no mammoth task. We have included onboarding & training guides to help enable our customers to start using UnoMero. However, at a very nominal service charge, a technical expert's service can be availed on the premise.

UnoMero Subscriptions are based on Annual contracts and can be paid Half Yearly or Annually in advance. Subscription cancellation policies are not tedious. Upon completion of an active contract, the customer can request to terminate the subscription without any hassle.

Support is by default included in all Subscriptions plans.

Customer can raise support tickets to UnoMero helpdesk via email / live-chat / toll-free. Our experts shall reach out to you in no time to resolve the concerned issue promptly.

UnoMero supports integration to any native applications as long as the native applications can provide an API. However, Customization/Integration cost is not covered in the UnoMero subscription plans and will be scoped and quoted separately as per industry standards and best practices.

Your data security is of utmost concern & important to us. We have utilized a wide range of securities and encryptions using 256-bit AES to ensure your identity & data safety. Accessing UnoMero using your browser is as secure as online banking. Data cannot be hacked or intercepted, owing to the encryption used.

Indeed! Customers can download every bit of data or information about their transactions whenever required. Multiple authentications need to be completed & accepted to initiate the data download process. Since we take data security seriously, it is our responsibility to make sure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

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