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Craft identities in an innovative digital approach. Utilize the power of QR codes to streamline & collaborate effectively.

A Smart & Secure tracking application for Educational institutions. Customizable, convenient & School friendly application that is built using practical scenarios.

Enabling Sales Professionals to Create, Manage & Track their Sales Leads & Opportunities on the go. Lets Business Leaders to forecast sales more effectively and accurately to stake holders.

Customer engagement tool for colossal Shopping Malls, Business Centers, Corporate Businesses & Residential Communities. Visitor Management solution that offers a lot more convenience against traditional approach.

UnoAuction is a world-class E-Auction process that lets you take the back seat while the system performs the automated negotiation task with your suppliers. 

Solution built to Manage & Streamline procurement processes end to end on a Unified Hybrid Platform. Connecting Customers to Supplier through digital medium.