Customer Engagement, Management & Collaboration


The ultimate solution that enhances customer convenience and experience in the new digital era.

Customer Engagement & Collaboration Solutions

UnoVisit is a set of customer engagement & Collaboration tool for Customer Service Centers, Healthcare Facilities, Shopping Malls, Business Centers, Corporate Businesses & Residential Communities. An initiative to enhance the convenience and experience of customers is the pinnacle of UnoVisit.

Our solutions are highly customizable and economical affirming to transform the conventional methodologies used. Our outlook towards Technology enhancement is to offer better customer experience and improved employee satisfaction.

Industry Verticals


Shopping Malls

Shopping at the malls should be fun. The evolution of e-commerce has caused a steep decline in the number of people visiting the shopping malls. The ongoing pandemic has further impacted the visits to the malls.

UnoVisit – Shopping Module enables the malls to enhance their customer visits by using QR Code technology linked to mobile applications that customers can download and use. Malls can push offers, promotions or events as notifications that pop up in the mobile app to the customer. These can be in real-time. Overall, UnoVisit is the first of its kind application that brings together all the outlets in a shopping mall to attract new revenue opportunities.

Business Centers, Exhibitions & Offices

Business Centers, Offices and Exhibition Venues are embarking on the digital transformation journey to streamline the visitor management process. Businesses are misled in finding and implementing the right solution convenient for them as an entity and easy to use for their customers without hassle. UnoVisit-Business module addresses the conventional problem of managing physical logbooks and other traditional complex solutions employing simplified QR code-based application.


Residential Community

UnoVisit-Residential & Community Module helps property managements & tenants safeguard and protect their community by mutual contribution to the society they all live. We aim in providing these communities to prevent unauthorized entries of individuals without the properties or tenants consent using our convenient QR based application.