Secure Tracking


A secure tracking application for Educational institutions from Unomero.

Secure Tracking Application

UnoTrace is a secure tracking application for Educational institutions from UnoMero. It is a customizable, convenient & School friendly solution developed from use case scenarios.

Track Students while in commute or in campus

It enables the school authorities and parents to track their children while commuting, and while in campus (School discrete).


Technology based on QR Codes

The application requires limited resources and promotes UYOD (use your own devices) concept, making it commercially affordable and supports hybrid model (On-Prem or Off Prem).

UnoTrace Modules


Student Tracking

  •    Contactless scanning &           validation
  •    UYOD/BYOD – Use/Bring your          own device offerings
  •    No GPS tracking devices.
  •    No physical devices.
  •    No RFID/NFC tags.
  •    Real-time notifications and          reports to the admin

Asset Tracking

  •    Contactless scanning &           validation
  •    UYOD/BYOD – Use/Bring your          own device offerings
  •    No Scanners
  •    No RFID/NFC Tags
  •    Instant tracking and analytics for           your assets - to cover metrics           like User Access, Lease, Locations,           Service, Contracts and more
  •    Real-time notifications and          reports to the admin

Visitor Tracking

  •    Contactless Verification
  •    Parents & Visitor Management
  •    Record purpose of visits
  •    Frequent Visitor types
  •    Real-time notifications and          reports to the admin

UnoTrace Key Features

UnoTrace Advantages

Unlimited Scans

Avail unlimited scans and updates round the clock. Anywhere & Anytime!


Industry best security practices in place for Data-in-transit and Data-at rest

Real Time Visibility

Real-time visibility of students in transit, internal & external visitors, Bus in transit etc, on a Single cloud native platform!

Report & Analysis

Reporting & Analytics at its best! Data and Information that assist your business by providing real time Analytics

UnoTrace Workflow

Onboard UnoTrace

One Time Master Entry

Admin makes one-time master entry, creates profiles/assets and uploads into the school database.

Generate QR Code

Every profile/asset is then assigned a QR code generated automatically from UnoTrace application viewable through mobile app only

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Scan QR Code of Bus

The Routine starts with the Bus Driver & Attender scanning the QR Code of the BUS to log in their entry using the app on their Mobile Devices. They then set out to pick the students to school.

Students at Bus Stop

In each Stop, the Attender scans the QR Code of each student as they board the school bus. The Scan is updated as entry log into the Apps of Attender, Driver, School & Parent.

Students when exiting Bus

On Reaching School the Students are scanned out by the Attender before entering the school gate. The App will only exit the Attender & Driver if all the students have left the bus.

Scan Students at Gate

Before entering the school campus, The security gets ready by scanning the QR assigned to the entry gate/s. He/She then scans each student using the App from their mobile to log their entry into the school campus. This is logged into the database and is available to view for the school admin and the parents.

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In Class

The Teacher Scans the QR Code assigned the respective classes to log in their entry. Using their cell phones and App, they scan the students' QR Code as they Enter or Exit the classrooms. The Scans are updated as logs into the Central Database accessible to only the authorized school faculties.

Categorize zones

Premises can be categorized into Safe Zone & Danger Zone within a school perimeter. School Management can apply similar zoning to these areas and trace to ensure that no student is left behind or unattended.

Track Students

The Play areas in a school are another Danger Zone, wherein accidents and mishaps happen frequently. Scanning In & Out of every student makes it secure for the School authorities to trace and avoid unforeseen incidents.

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Track Visitors

UnoTrace Allows you to track your Visitors. It prompts them to scan the QR and fill in their contact details that will be captured and stored for future references to enter the school premises.

Exit Scan

At Exit Areas, The security gets ready by scanning the QR assigned to the Exit gate/s. He/She then scans each student using the App from their mobile to log their exit into the school campus. This is logged into the database and is available to view for the school admin and the parents. The private transport availing Student’s Parents will be notified and can proceed to pick their child in a disciplined manner to the pickup point.

Notification To Parents

The School Transport availed Students are scanned in by the attendee before entering the bus. A Notification is sent to the parents of their child onboarding the bus. Parents can live track their children and time to destination. The Bus attendee will scan out each child as they off-board the bus. All scans are captured and logged into the system for School Authorities to monitor.

Reports Dashboard

School View

UnoTrace provides qualitative reports for the School Administration regarding the Students, Buses, Categorized Zones, Gates & Visitors. Customizable, convenient & School friendly solution that is built from scratch using best-case scenarios.

Parent View

UnoTrace is a customer-centric, and an intuitive application built to offer the best-in-class User Experience. The application requires almost no hands-on training.

Unotrace Integrations

Collaboration & Integration

UnoTrace is built on the fundamental concepts of collaboration and integration. The application can seamlessly integrate to your existing Applications’ using API tools that are available on either sides irrespective of if they are hosted on Cloud or On-Premise. This enables multiple applications to operate and work together. UnoTrace Integration will primarily involve providing access to data from applications through a single user interface or application service that are of common services in practice today.

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